Colorado West Gymnastics


573 West Crete Circle

Grand Junction, CO 

United States

Tots - (Including Mom & Me)

Mom and me: 18 months-3 Years old

Tots: 3 years to 5 years old

Our tots program is designed to help your child in many ways.  We work on listening and following directions as well as learning skills to provide balance, coordination, and body awareness. The program is constantly changing to make fitness fun each time the child attends class. 

Beginner Gymnastics -

5 years old and up 

These classes focus on the basics of every event; vault, bars, beam, floor, and trampoline. We are trying to help the child develop their skills and make them stronger.  This is a perfect way to improve hand eye coordination, body awareness, and self-confidence.

​Intermediate Gymnastics -

7 years old and up 

These classes continue to work on the skills of every event; vault, bars, beam, floor, and trampoline.  We add drills, flexibility and strength exercises to develop the childs' ability and advance to the next level. 

Boys Classes -

5 years old and up

Saturday 10:15: 4 Years and up

Boys in this program work on body awareness, flexibility, and strength.  They learn to follow directions and build self-confidence with their abilities.  The skills learned are great for hand eye coordination and are beneficial for all sports. 

Pre-Team -(Tiny Stars, Sparklers, Firecrackers, and Hotshot)

6 years and up

Children in these classes are selected due to their understanding and mastering of skills.  We want to develop their talents further to the skills laid out by the USAG program.  These classes will have strength, flexibility, and fundamental drills to advance skills. 


8 years and up

Tumbling classes are offered for cheer students in middle school and high school who want to work on specific tumbling skills.

Xcel- (USAG)

Bronze- 7 years and up

Xcel is a program for gymnasts to compete against other gyms in the state. It is less intensive than the USAG Junior Olympic (J.O) Program and requires a smaller commitment of time and funding. The levels in Xcel are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. The Bronze and Silver levels are closely related to USAG J.O. level 3 in skill requirements. Bronze, Silver, and Gold 1 gymnasts are required to work out at least 4 hours per week. Our Gold 2, Platinum, and Diamond Gymnasts are required to work out 8 hour per week, with addition to Saturday and Holiday practices.